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Ruhrgebeatler is a Producer/DJ from the Ruhr area in Germany. He experienced his first magical moment in the Phuture Club in 1997, when he became one with the crowd, dancing and dancing, all night long. Exactly that moment in time linked him to electronic music until now and there is no end of his devotion in sight. Soon after he started producing his first tracks using FastTracker2.

Unfortunately, the sun turned away and his life became darker when false friendships (F*** you guys!), a state of loneliness and fear took over. In spite of everything he kept his open mind and was searching for ways out of this undesirable situation. Luckily in this instance, music was his remedy and helped him cure his weird sickness to be finally released into a loving and stable environment in the 00’s.

Meanwhile, Ruhrgebeatler shared different styles of electronic music with the world and is currently signed at Korecraft Records which he helped build and shape into what it is now! In his debut album on Korecraft ‘Weird Moments One’ he got even with his past and is now looking forward to a bright future.

Having ventured in producing various styles of electronic music, he now wants to focus his Ruhrgebeatler brand to Techno only while exploring the other genres with his new solo project Mayotek and the collabs 2Paul and Clangwood.