The news on this one travel quite fast nowadays: Ableton Live will release version 10 of its DAW soon and the release is scheduled for the 6th of february 2018. This update took 5 years since the last major version but it was worth the wait from what we can tell. Now its one of the most eagerly awaited things here at Korecraft HQ. We are for sure stoked about the new features it brings to the table. It got a slicker design and everything looks just a bit cleaner and more contemporary. Luckily for us, it also comes with a couple brand new devices and effects which we cannot wait to put our fingers on. There are tons of work flow improvements like multiple MIDI clip editing for better control of the musical relationship in a song. In the arrangement view we will have a better handle on nudging, time-stretching, one-key zooming and drag-and-drop duplication for faster editing.

And we’re not sure about you guys, but with the upgrade to have groups within groups its almost like Ableton read our minds. Another thing which might come in super handy, is that notes can now be triggered even if the playback starts in the middle of the clip. Especially handy for those long pad lines. Of course, better hardware support for Ableton’s Push will be integrated as well. And last but not least, mixing gets even easier with the improved utility tool and a lower frequency range in the EQ8. The internal sound library got an update too and Max for Live is now directly included in Live 10 because they acquired Max developer Cycling ’74 last year. All in all, reading up on all the bullet points and improvements on this one, this is truly a major update in its purest sense and we are quite keen to try give it a go.

And these are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the complete change log. If you want to know all the details of what changed, head over to Abletons Live page and check it out –>